How Gambling Games are Becoming More Like Video Games

The online casino industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing markets of the 21st century. While it adopts a unique approach to providing gamers with captivating experiences, few can argue that casino titles aren’t beginning to take the form of traditional video games. Over time, the sector has seen the benefits of evolving to cater to bettor demands, which seen developers embrace forward-thinking concepts. 

Nowadays, online casinos are considerably less one-dimensional than they once were. No longer are games pixelated and lacking in visual clarity, nor are they one-level developments. The industry has taken significant steps forward in recent years. As a result of this development, let’s explore how online casino games are becoming more like traditional video games. 

The Use of Levels 

As touched on above, modern-day titles in the digital gambling sector have far more depth than older releases. To ensure longevity and pique gamer interests, slot developers have recently sought to integrate levels into their games. In many ways, it’s perhaps surprising that they haven’t done so sooner, especially given how successful progressive concepts have been in the mainstream gaming market. Examples of levels in the gaming industry date back to the 1980s, with the original Pac-Man featuring 256 levels. 

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There are both practical and challenge-orientated benefits to utilising levels. As per Webopedia, this progressive style enables developers to break their game into various sections. This assists with load times and provides gamers with a much smoother in-game experience. Furthermore, levels help to retain player interest levels. Upon completing a level, users typically receive a reward or advance to the next chapter if playing a story-driven title. 

In slot games, developers incorporate bonuses into their level-based approach. Level Up Slots are all the rage in the online casino industry, and these concepts target progression beyond the base round. Upon completing levels, users receive various bonuses, including additional rounds, free spins, multipliers, and much more.

Virtual Reality 

Levels aren’t the only video game concept that’s revolutionising online casinos. It’s no secret that virtual reality has become a hotly-discussed advancement in recent times, particularly regarding its gaming future. According to Lenovo, VR describes a new generation of computer games that strives to give players an immersive, first-person experience. The forward-thinking technology has sought to raise the bar, and this desire to revolutionise has led to the creation of popular VR titles, such as Half-Life: Alyx, Rec Room, and The Climb.   

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After VR found its feet in mainstream gaming, increasing numbers of casino developers began to embrace real-world simulations. Since then, numerous virtual reality casinos have come to fruition. These developments include detailed game rooms, first-person slot machines, and 3D tables.   

Although there are no guarantees that simulated casinos will match non-VR online casinos’ success, the future looks promising. Research from CNBC has found that virtual reality gambling is forecast to grow by 800 percent between 2016 and 2021. If this proves to be the case, total bets will rise from £42.7 million to around £380 million.   

Exploration of Themes 

There has also been an increase in gaming-to-casino crossovers throughout the last few years. The online casino industry has become increasingly influenced by video game concepts, and console success has provided the foundations for gambling-focused adaptations. Along with Hitman and Tomb Raider-inspired creations, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Resident Evil, and Zuma also have their own slot games. 

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It isn’t only online casinos that have sought to explore themes in their developments, either. Nowadays, web-based bingo platforms are also taking inspiration from popular games. A browse through bingo review platforms like WDW Bingo, which reviews based on criteria including the types of games offered, will find franchise-inspired concepts that thrived in the video game market. These include Deal or No Deal and The X Factor, which saw video games hit the market in 2006 and 2017, respectively. This speaks volumes about how online gambling is becoming increasingly comparable to traditional gaming.  

Will This Trend Continue? 

The above trends have attracted a lot of new players to the online casino industry. As such, it’s unlikely that game developers will alter their approach. If online gambling continues to evolve to offer video-game-like experiences, it opens that door to new market possibilities. The console audience base is sizeable, and if bingo and casino platforms can attract that demographic, they’re in for a very profitable future.