5 Emerging Marketing Strategies Being Embraced by Online Casinos

 The online casino industry may be a massive, multi-billion-dollar behemoth, but it is also an intensely crowded field. With thousands of online casinos all vying for the attention of increasingly discerning players, it takes creativity to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Conventional advertising methods are no longer cutting it for some of the biggest industry players, which is why many are resorting to increasingly unconventional marketing strategies to cut through the noise and engage with their target audience. Here are some of the emerging marketing strategies being embraced by online casinos that you should know about. 

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1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the biggest strategies being embraced by online casino companies right now is the use of affiliate marketing. In short, affiliate marketing is the process of paying a network of commercial partners a certain fee for every customer that they send to you. In the world of online casinos, this is largely done online.

A casino’s marketing department will identify a range of websites that might attract the target audience they are seeking. They will then reach out to the owners of those sites to arrange for them to publish paid promotional content and ads for the casino. For every visitor to that website that ends up clicking on the paid links and becoming a customer, the website owner receives a commission. 

2. Free Slots

Some marketers outside of the casino industry might consider it counterproductive to offer products to potential customers for free, especially when those free products are the core offering of the company. However, that is exactly what some of the biggest online casinos in the world are doing right now in their race to attract new customers.

Platforms such as VegasSlotsOnline offer free slots from a wide range of casino platforms, that anyone can play for free and without limits. While they are not playing for real money, customers are afforded the chance to get a feel for the slot games that a casino might offer, allowing them to decide whether or not a game or a casino is right for them. The goal of this strategy is to convince the player that the casino is indeed right for them. 

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3. Online Competitions

Perhaps inspired by the huge successes seen within the video gaming and eSports industries who have used similar tactics, many online casinos are now running online tournaments as a way of drumming up publicity and attracting experienced, high-value customers. Much like many of the big Las Vegas casinos do, some of the biggest platforms now run extravagant online tournaments for poker, blackjack, baccarat, and more.

Typically, these e-tournaments are open to everyone, and often require little more than for an entrant to create a free account. Once they have done this, they have an opportunity to compete for massive jackpot prizes than can often run into the millions of dollars. Event-based marketing is used by virtually every type of business, and online casinos are no exception. 

4. Data-Driven Targeting

The online casino industry is always keen to stay on top of the latest tech trends. That’s why they have followed the lead of some of the world’s biggest industries and have begun using data to create bespoke, hyper-targeted marketing materials.

Such strategies could involve bulk-buying the browsing data of internet users to identify those who might be receptive to online casino marketing. It might involve looking at the online habits of existing online casino members to send them content that is curated for them and based on their gaming preferences.

It might even involve using personalization algorithms to ensure that users only see games and promotions that the data suggests they will be interested in. All of these tactics are helping to create a form of one-to-one marketing that is unique for each potential customer. 

This is how online casinos are attempting to attract new customers in 2020. 

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